October 7, 2009

Concept Sketches

As an exercise in character development (and if he turns out well, for use in RPs), I've been working on an OC Heavy. My goal was to make him unique, but definitely a heavy weapons sort of guy. What I got was David Ulomoy, a half-Samoan (he also spent several of his younger years living in Samoa) who went AWOL from the Navy when his CO was replaced and the new one bullied him about his Islander blood. His bio is over a page long in my little tiny handwriting, so I put a lot of thought into him. Also, I am leaning towards BLU as his team, because it looks better on him. XD

The hardest part about him (and I still haven't succeeded) has been getting him to look distinctly Samoan. I have been making progress though, especially by observing certain people on campus and by looking up photos.

David is quiet and a bit anti-social, a learned behavior when many of his shipmates protested over serving with "that Islander." He will make friends, just not easily; he also greatly dislikes loud and annoying people. He doesn't speak much, but is a hard and dedicated worker. He greatly enjoys beating the living crud out of people, but has a moral code that restricts him from doing so. If you give him excuse, though, he is going to take every bit of pleasure possible.



    David is looking pretty cool. (lol, bell bottoms)
    Can't wait to see more work on him!
    I'd work on getting his personality down to more of a set of philosophies than really specific points. That way you can put many different situations through his ethical code and overall life-view to see how he'd respond.