March 5, 2010

I am so bad about blogging

I kinda forget that I even have these things. I haven't done anything on my LiveJournal since I was home for New Years, and holy wow, the last thing I posted on here was David development. (He got accepted, by the way, and has changed a bit from his original designs since I learned how to draw buff people.) Guess that means it's time for an art update.

First, Tegaki. I've been watching some awesome people (SlimmerCat especially) Livestream their Tegaki pictures, and it has taught me a lot of things. Here's a few new entries.

Here are two entries I did seperately with the goal of combining them like this. IsiDemo is on the left, and Dirk on the right. Both of them are OCs for Team Fortress, and both come from the same goup, Gang Fortress. Dirk was a second-class medic who worked up through the ranks with Isi, and they had a relationship. She was told he was dead, but we recently have learned that he is still alive. :B

And another picture of Dirk. Actually, a lot of these pictures will be of him, since he's been the subject of an art bug. I know the arms are kinda short in this one - though they are longer than they appear at first; the bends are hidden by his sleeves and his shoulders are pulled way back - but I got the face to look right and I was too pleased with the coloring job to fix it. Also, this makes me very very sad.

Also, yesterday was David's 25th birthday. I'm not going to link the entry, since the art quality falls off for the last few posts, but he got a ukelele from his family. :B

On to other art, done through Photoshop. I'll start with my entry for the War Update's propaganda contest. I didn't win anything or make the runners up, but I like how it came out anyway. The paper texture overlay is not mine; I got it from stock.

And other one of Dirk. He's a funny guy; extremely helpful and smart, but really bad about minding his own business. It's what got him into trouble in the first place.

And then a little loadout meme I filled out for myself. Meet my TF2 self, the Spectator Medic.

I think this'll be all for now. I've got other stuff that I still need to scan and, in some cases, color. Hopefully there won't be another five month break between posts this time.