October 7, 2009

Beginning and Goals

This is my first blog, created so that I can track my art progression without having to save a million sheets of paper (at least, that's the plan). Feel free to leave comments telling me things I need to work on. c:

Let's start with a bit about me.

I am a freshman at BYU, with a preanimation major. I love music and play tuba in the marching band here, but also have several years of experience with the flute and the piano. I love to read, and my favorite genre is sci-fi/fantasy. I also write stories and do text-based roleplays (think writing with more than one author rather than things like Dungeons and Dragons).

I used to specialize in drawing dragons, but lately I have been working on my people more. Thank you, TF2, for being such a wonderful practice tool. c: I also got a Tegaki, which is improving my digital painting by leaps and bounds.

I am not a very hardcore gamer, but I do love a few. Namely, Team Fortress 2. The art style and the character designs all make me drool (not just because some of those man-types are pretty fine XD), and the game play is supportive of both newbs like me and experienced gamers. Also hitting that list are simple games like Dino Run (a sidescroller where you save your little dino from impending meteor doom) and old games like Mystic Towers.

I can't think of anything else that you need to know about me, so until next time. c:

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